The GW Bush Nose Pick Pic(k) Page and other fun stuff from the land of Shrub

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In support of our troops, we bring you this important reminder:

Attorney General John Ashcroft, who just can't seem to figure out who mailed the killer anthrax (hint: A REPUBLICAN), was so concerned about the statue in this photo that he spent tax payer dollars to have it draped. I can't possibly imagine why he made such a fuss.

For those who wonder what happened to the woman's other arm, let's just say the funny look on Ashcroft's face could be caused by a wild goose.

It is well known that Ashcroft holds prayer meetings in his office every morning. What is not well known is a secret operative of the Lazy G Ranch made a recording of one of these prayer meetings, which can be heard here.

Note that John Ashcroft has lots of criminals right in the Bush administration to monitor:

 John Negroponte (United Nations Ambassador) White House spin Details about Negroponte's CIA activity. More about Negroponte's shameful acts.

Eliot Abrams (National Security Council Special Assistant to the President) White House spin How Abrams tried to overthrow the president of Venezuela.  Poppy Bush pardons Abrams for crimes against nature.

Otto Reich (Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs)  White House spin Reich's CIA activities

Admiral John Poindexter (head of Total Information Awareness, the government snoop organization) Ari Fleisher squirms when questioned about Admiral Poindexter's return to government Yet another George HW Bush pardon recipient


OK, now back to Shrubus Illegitamus.

Little is known about this meeting between Shrub and Henry Kissinger. BTW, is this nose picking  a Republican thing?

Henry left and Laura took his spot. 

 If you want to view the video, go to  . When you get to that page, look for "See Bush pick a winner". There you will find the video available for downloading.

Here are a few more variations of the nose picking photo. You've heard of GW Bush's plan to privatize Social Security. [We all know about what a great business man GW Bush is, especially when his father's friends save his butt. If you don't know about Bush's deals, pick up a copy of "Fortunate Son" by now deceased J. H. Hatfield.] I think this would make a good advertisement to promote Bush's plan:

Who will be GW Bush's next VP? Dr. Laura? If so, it would be the Dream Team, NOT!


GW Bush claims he is drug free since 1974. What he did before then doesn't count because he was "young and irresponsible". Assuming Bush was a coke head, he probably didn't have to pick his nose as the drug supposedly damages the nostrils.

Lastly, I think this would make a great campaign button. Print it out and tape it to any button you have laying around the house, such as a "Bob Dole for President" button.