Red Flag Scanner Audio

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As the stream played, details will appear in the VLC skin. In the image below, VLC is playing the file 2014-07-24_13-44-27.aac. The souce of the audio is the frequency 44.75MHZ NFM.
VLC with data on file

Common terms

Mike (missiles) and Gulf (guns): Ground units, presently  on 44.75NFM, previously on 148.1 and occasionally 148.2
Anchor/Arco/Gulf callsign = refueling aircraft
parrot = transponder
DMPI (pronounced dim-pee) = Designated Mean Point of Impact
BDA = bomb damage assessment
timber = link16 network
have quick = secure communications
fur-ball  =  dogfight

Red Flag 14-3

Frequencies used in Red Flag 14-3

The data was recorded on a Uniden scanner that writes to internal SDHC. Files were 8KHZ wav and converted to AAC. To listen to the audio, you need a program capable of playing a m3u playlist. Save yourself some hassles and download VLC. VLC is capable of displaying meta data regarding the content of the audio clip.

Red Flag audio 07/24/2014 playlist m3u
Same as above, but with a txt extension so that it can be read as text
Download all the files in zip format

Red Flag 2007-2

Note that there may be an issue here with the fighters being able to determine the status of the targets on their screens. The targets are declared friendly, bogey, bandit, spades, or hostile. The SA's and Rolands are surface to air threats.  Cedar Peak and bullseye are used in a similar manner, implying Cedar Peak might be the bullseye.

ogg_vorbis audio weasel 21 indentifies 343.3Mhz as both blue 10 and "strike prime" (assumed primary). This audio is a clip from the next link.

ogg vorbis audio 2/14/2007 time 16:41  343.3MHz  Darkstar (AWACS E3-B 76-1605) callsigns: harley 31, harley 32, harley 21, digger 1, digger 3, weasel 21, weasel 24, weasel 3, tiger 81,  sword 61,  tron 1, tron 2,   knight 81,  raider. Around 5:36, someone is warned to "watch container", i.e. you are getting close to the Groom Lake restricted space.

ogg vorbis audio  2/14/2007 time 2:26 343.3MHz harley 31, harley 32, raider 31, tiger 22, tiger 81,  pinon 31. This is the after-hours bombing exercise. 

ogg vorbis audio 2/15/2007 time 16:16 308.6Mhz pulsar , harley 32, harley 31, cylon 3, cylon 2, cylon 1,  tron 1, tron 2, evil 31, evil 32, weasel 21 , weasel 23, weasel 24, anchor 25, anchor 26, sword , digger 01, arson 51, arson 52,  pulsar 11, pulsar 12,  pulsar 13, raider 22,  knight 81, knight 82, rancho 11, rancho 12,  chip 51, chip 52,  lizard 43, lizard 41, pecos 21, tiger 81, tarzan  31, wool?? 71 , ghost 21. Mentions tactical frequency 270 or 370.

ogg vorbis audio  time 2:23, 377.8MHz.(UHF Blackjack) Airboss, darkstar, digger.

Red Flag 2007-1

wave audio Comment about pushing 300.225, most likely a frequency.
wave audio Woman in Tron1 (EA6B) chatting by accident on White 8. Chris Fuller, these are your 15 seconds of fame.

ogg vorbis audio 10/17/2006  stereo recording time 50:41, 41Mbytes left=270.025MHz right=308.6MHz
Players: viking, goliath, anker27, anker28, tiger 71 72 74 (Belgium?), sword81 82, harley31, iron51, phasor01, cylon3, tron01 02, iron51, weasel 21 22 23,  killer55 56
Red Forces: mig1 mig2 mig3 mig4 mig5 mig6
Comments: 287.45MHz is the AWACS "chirp" frequency
ogg vorbis audio 10/18/2006  stereo recording time 33:51, 21Mbytes, left=270.025MHz right=308.6MHz
Players: goliath, tiger71, tron01, phasor2 3, cycon1 2 3 4, iron51 52 53, harley31 33 34, tiger71 72 73 74, weasel 21 23 24, anker27,  sword81
Red forces: mig1 mig2 mig3 mig 4 mig5 mig6
ogg vorbis audio 10/20/2006  stereo recording time 42:38 , 29Mbytes,  left=308.600MHz right=148.1MHz
Players: viking, goliath, anker25, anker26, weasel21, harley31 32 33, pulsar21, killer55, iron51 52 53, cylon1 4, tron1, crate22, sord81, tiger71 73 (Belgium?),phasor1 2 3 4

Red Flag 2006-02

ogg vorbis audio 8/28/2006 mono recording, 308.6MHz 15.1Mbyes , 35 minutes (recording level a bit high so the audio is slightly distorted)
scout (AWACS?), tiger91, tiger93, tiger1, tiger2, anchor25, anchor26,  cylon1, cylon2, cylon 3, cylon4, phasor11,  sord61, crate21, brick57 canceled , digger41, kong51, weasel 21, bleed1, ghost12, thumper1, evil81,  evil82, evil83, [evil callsigns are German tornadoes] greedy61,  greedy63, harley31,  harley33,  pecos 41, pecos42, pecos 43,  killer21, arson71,   lizard 21, knight 41, buster51
Disco and Thumper are tippy    
Weapons:  taurus cruise missile launched by tornadoes, gbu-12 gbu-10

ogg vorbis audio 8/29/2006 mono recording, time 9:39, 308.6MHz except for 276.05MHz at the very end (time 9:21), 3.7Mbyes
warrior (AWACS?), cylon1, cylon3, cylon 4, anchor25,  anchor26, thumper, disco02, bring-it, rhino, weasel21, kong51, crate21, showtime, phasor11, digger41, evil81,
 Frequency mentioned 270.025MHz,; boom 295.4, airboss 377.8MHz  mention use of satcom.  
ogg vorbis audio 8/29/2006 stereo recording, time 25:02, 308.6MHz left channel, 303.05 right channel, 12.7Mbytes
warrior, killer81, evil81, evil84, bleed11, digger41, digger43, tiger91, tiger92, tiger93, anchor25, phasor11, crate21, crate22, kong51,  harley31, harley33, harley34., weasel21, pecos43, pecos44, lizard21, cylon1, cylon2, cylon3, cylon4, buster51, bleed11, tron1, ghost12  

303.05MHz is an air to air frequency.  Note the warming at time  4:51 regarding the "container" (presumably Area 51).
Lizard21 comments that it is 10 miles north of "Dream"
Weapons: mk84, gbu-38 (simulated), taurus cruise missile launched by tornadoes
ogg vorbis audio 8/30/2006 mono recording, 148.1MHz Roulette (part 1), 9.7Mbyes 22:47 minutes; Odd comment about a plane landing at Mellan. Unusual player "dragon slayer".

ogg vorbis audio 8/30/2006 mono recording, 148.1MHz Roulette (part 2), 7.4Mbyes; time 19:19 minutes.

Red Flag 2006-01

ogg vorbis audio 2/14/2006 stereo recording, 39 minutes, 16.5Mbytes (308.6MHz [right] and 228.2MHz [left] )

challice alleycat icepack puma24 puma26 tusker21 arson11 arson13
killer21 killer 22 killer23 anker25 anker26 pecos41 pecos42 iron51
iron52 buster23  brick31 mole11 mole12 mole13 knight41 knight43
kinght44 tron1 tron2 lizard31 greedy31 pablo61 digger21 gamble11 evil21
evil23 evil24 phasor11 phasor13 cylon1 cylon2 cylon3 cylon4 sword51
sword52 reaper31  weasel11 hydra11 crate47 focus38 ghost1

coordinates N36 55.040 W115 38.3 target destroyed

Message given to some players:

local altimiter 2968
surface wind 0908
enemy migs transit SAO but did not engage earlier today
air picture clean at this time
plot at 0230z run north sourth through papa alpha zero zero
line moving rapidly west
luxor forces on disorganized retreat
enemy units stranded on high ground
may try to fight west towards luxor border
units and paramilitary dug in on mountainess terrain
roland reported  not confirmed
aaa up to 37mm along the plot
small arms up to 14.5mm
manpads up to sa16  confirmed

mp3 audio 2/15/2006 14 minutes,  3.2MBytes

Restricted war, 13k to 19k

challice, killer21, iron51, iron52, kong41, tron01, pecos1, pecos41, pecos42, pablo61, sword51,  knight41,  weasel11,  evil21, evil22, evil24,
greedy31, greedy32, greedy33,  buster21, anchor25,  baha31,

mp3 audio 2/16/2006 7 minutes AWACS not tracking planes

focus38,  hydra11, weasel11, merlin, hoover, sword51, knight41, knight42, pablo61, buster21, hydra, evil21, evil22,  tron2, iron52 

6 su-30 airborn
tin shield
height finder
lock??? truck
spoon rest

Red Flag 2005-4

Magic callsign =  RAF AWACS on 308.6
Baja callsign = EC-2 on 303.1
Reaper callsign = B1b
Mike (missiles) and Gulf (guns): ground units on 148.1 and occasionally 148.2
Anchor callsign = refueling aircraft
Sord callsign = Saudi F15
parrot = transponder
DMPI (pronounced dim-pee) = Designated Mean Point of Impact
BDA = bomb damage assessment

mp3 audio 8/15/2005 Stereo recording, 41 minutes, 7.3Mbytes AWACS on 308.6MHz and ground units on 148.1MHz.  Left channel is Roulette (enemy ground forces). Right channel is the RAF AWACS. 

mp3 audio 8/16/2005 Stereo recording  49 minutes, 8.7Mbytes

mp3 audio 8/18/2005 Stereo recording  1 hour, 13 minutes 12.8Mbytes This file is longer because I recorded the "after hours party", which sounds like a bombing exercise using the E-2C to run (task) the show. Beige 23 or 24 on the left channel.

Target data:

aircraft                N37 24.211 W116 14.539 elevation 5416
aircraft                N37 23.928 W116 14.106 elevation 5471
aircraft                N37 23.877 W116 14.076 elevation 5473
aircraft                N37 23.892 W116 14.155 elevation 5473
four aircraft
Acme mapper

refrigerator truck N37 36.303 W116 10.789 elevation 5551
refrigerator truck N37 36.329 W116 10.832 elevation 5548
refrigerator truck
Acme mapper

runway               N37 25.086 W116 39.547 elevation 5364
aircraft                N37 25.110 W116 39.549 elevation 5254
Acme mapper
GBU-31 version 1 each DMPE

Red Flag 2004-3

All recordings are from night sessions.

wave audio 308.6MHz, 5:54 minutes MAGIC AWACS; callsigns heard Gamble 01,Harley 31, Anchor 61, Greedy 51, Ghost 01, Pablo 61, Weasel 41. Harley 31 had to change altitude to avoid a nearby L1011. The transponders are using Mode C.

wave audio 270.025MHz, 20:40 minutes. "MIG" channel. The MIG channel and "roulette" often use local landmarks in their reports, in this case Student Gap, Belted Range, and Kawich. The reference to a "quick regen" implies that the MIG was dead but will now be a live target again. Around 17:52 the "person in charge" tells the MIG that "he won't last that long." Remember the goal of the MIG planes are to play hard but eventually lose.

wave audio 308.6MHz, 28:00 minutes. MAGIC AWACS. Callsigns Anchor 61, Pablo 61 62 63, Rocket 21, Bleed 51 54, Weasel 41, Rancho 1 2 3 4 , Harley, Tron(?) 41 43,  Evil 41 43, Mall (maybe Maul) 11 12 13, Hyrda 41, Rhino, Gamble 1, Ghost 01. The comment about the "south point" refers to an area a bit to the north of the Power Line Over Look, which is where the recording was done. "Secure capable" is probably a reference to a "have quick" radio, which can't be monitored on a conventional scanner. Hey, as if anyone would be listening.

wave audio 14 seconds. This is just a snip of the above recording. The audio is where frequencies are mentioned. Possibly 322.1, 231.1 or 231.0. 

wave audio 372.15MHz, 5:31 minutes. This is probably weapons school training. The targets are quite realistic, i.e. the convoy is moving, The event is taking place around Dog Bone Lake. Laser marking is used. (NVG = night vision goggle; Roland is a radar unit) Callsigns Hydra, Evil 43 and Alleycat. 

wave audio 377.1MHz, 22 seconds. LA center ATC with callsign Heat 1.

Red Flag 2004-2

wave audio  308.2MHz, 2:19 minutes [Notes indicated 308.2, but this is probably 308.6] Challis is the AWACS. Callsigns Tiger, Rancho, Phasor, Iron, Digger,  and Evil. SA6 active. Most of the radio traffic went to Blue 11

wave audio  308.6MHz, 13:03 minutes. Challis is the AWACS. Anchor is the tanker. Callsigns Phasor, Weasel, Harley, Checkmate, Iron, Rancho, Killer, Tron, Buster  Looks like sounding 5x5 has been replaced with sounding "Lima Charlie", as in "loud and clear". Frequency 318.4 is white 2. 

wave audio  308.6MHz, 12:23 mintues.  Challis (AWACS) Weasel, Evil, Checkmate, Psylon, Jammer (probably EA6B), Anchor (tanker), Tron, Phasor, Iron (sounds like a chopper), Harley, Pablo, Rubin, Knight, Digger, Tiger, Crate (c130?).  Threats detected sa6, sa2, sa8, and "triple A"

wave audio 3.842Mhz LSB Intercepted conversation about loop antennas, with one party (W6OBB) allegedly in Pahrump [AA6S the other party.]. Clearly these are government scientists  at Groom Lake discussing a secret project.

Red Flag 2003-4

wav audio [22:11] Recorded at Red Flag 2003-4 on frequency 308.6Mhz. Times from 5:04PM to 6:33PM local on 8/25/2003. Callsigns heard are  anchor_21, anchor_22, psylon_01, psylon_02, star_25, evil_31, evil_35, pablo_61, ?(mall)_41, greedy_11, chip_21, chip_31, digger_21, digger_23, iron_51, brigham_01, reaper_01, tractor_1, charcoal_13, tron(?)_01, tarzan_31, and buster. Frequencies mentioned 295.4 (AR641A), brown 5, blue 5 (for strikers), white 8, blue 4 (OCA freq). 

The very alert ear of aeroframe caught an interesting message which you can hear at time 12:04. The message is "roland at the north farms." Earlier in the afternoon, one of the SA (surface to air) "threats" was sitting on a truck in the Little Alien parking lot. Later it was moved to a location about 6.25 down the "back gate" road. The threats look similar to Roland as shown on the FAS website here. If a pilot spots a threat, the plan may be to avoid contact until the threat is eliminated with extreme prejudice. The SA near the farms was white, so spotting it would be easier compared to one done up in camo. 

Also interesting in the recording is some talk of using the Elgin airspace prior to returning to base.It is related to an airplane problem.

Red Flag 2002-4

 wave audio [5:14] Recorded at Red Flag 2002-4 on frequency 316.2MHz during the morning session on 9/5/2002. Early in the recording the "Pablo" units think they are on the air-to-air frequency and start speaking in a foreign language. There is also talk about a unit being unmanned. Goliath is the AWACS.

 wave audio [12:04] Recorded at Red Flag 2002-4 on frequency 316.2MHz during the afternoon session on 9/5/2002. Part one of two files.

 wave audio [12:37] Recorded at Red Flag 2002-4 on frequency 316.2MHz during the afternoon session on 9/5/2002. Part two of two files.

 real audio [6:47] This exercise takes place on range 71, which is Reveille. It mentions not using "have quick", which is a good thing else the event couldn't be scanned. The use of "tennis" to start the event and "soccer" to stop it is interesting. Callsigns Ratch?, School?, Gator, Challis, Pecos, Chard?, Barnyard

 real audio [4:09] Callsigns Pecos, Magnum, Mig, and yes Groom. (Pretty poor quality recording, so they must be far away.)

 real audio [1:07] Very short exercise with Viper callsigns.

 real audio [3:43] Callsigns Torch, Eagle, Ramrod, and Blonde Girl. They mention frequency 228.95.

 wave audio [4:19] Frequency 290.8Mhz  Callsigns Mig, This is a recording of the aggressors.

 wave audio [2:12] Frequency 255.8Mhz. Callsigns Strike and Bird Dog. This is a simulated bombing run using laser guided weapons. This was recorded on Mount Sterling with very good sound quality.

 mp3 audio [3:15] Laser guided bombing. What makes this recording interesting is that all the background noise is from Nellis AFB and has nothing to do with the event. Generally the scanner is plugged into a recorder directly, but if you forget the cable, then the microphone hook up has to be used, hence the background noise. Callsigns Hog and Destroyer.

 real audio [4:26] Air refueling on track ar625. Callsign Gulf for the tanker. Other callsign Sniper.

 wave audio [13:57 ] Not a very good recording, but interesting in that it contains much of the lingo in the glossary. You can hear the term "furball" for a dog fight,  BRA for Bearing Range Altitude, Tally, etc. 

 real audio [10:28] This is not a Red Flag recording as far as I know. I was at the Tonopah Test Range and recorded this exercise with a U2 (callsign Pinion) flying at 60,000 ft.. Callsign Chester and pylon.